2 runs in less than 12 hours

I have fallen behind on my miles.  It was a busy weekend and I did not make time for a long run.  I decided to run 3 last night after work and 4 miles this morning.  It does notmake up for missing a lo g run but it was a challenge to finish the run tnis morning on tired legs.  Get out and run!

how quickly I forget to update the blog

I posted about the run on the 29 but did not post any thig about the late 5 mile run on Friday.  I am starting to like running later in the day.  This time of year it is too cold (below 10°) some mornings.

New blog

This is my blog to track the training for my first marathon.  The marathon is on June 21st.  Between now and then I will run over 600 miles in just over 100 hours.  Training begins Feb 3rd!  while training I have a bigger goal.  I want to raise $3000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  I have joined Team in Training which should help me achieve both goals.

Preparing for 26.2 miles